Retirement Planning Strategy has two stages.

Planning For Retirement

Do you know what income you require in retirement? It’s difficult to say what income you will need, and how much you current pension will provide you with.

MTS Wealth, as part of our Strategic Wealth Plan, analyse your current pension schemes and project what income you will receive in retirement. We assess your income needs and what further action is required to meet your needs.

We will assess the suitability of your current schemes to meet your retirement objectives, and if the underlying investments are performing well and aren't taking more risk than is needed.

Retirement Income Planning

In the recent Budget (April 2014) the government made some changes that will significantly change how our clients will draw income from their pensions in retirement. We believe that this will require careful management to ensure that our client’s pensions last them throughout their retirement.

Deciding upon the best option by which to draw your income in retirement is a complicated subject and as part of our Strategic Wealth Plan for our clients we will cover the benefits and drawbacks to each of the options for taking income shown below.

diagram3Once your income strategy is decided we will review this annually to ensure that your pension continues to perform well enough to maintain you income and lifestyle in retirement.