“The last thing you would need if you are suffering a long-term illness, or after the loss your partner is to have money worries."

What would your family live on if you or your partner were to become ill and unable to work? Or how would your family meet their needs if either you or your partner were to pass away unexpectedly?

We believe that a fundamental part of financial advice is helping our clients protect their family from the risk of death or disability of the family bread winner.

This may involve setting aside some funds held within investments to fund your family's lifestyle or setting up cost efficient insurance to protect your family.

Our Strategic Wealth Plan will:

  • Assess the funds required to replace the income of either parent in the case of death and disability.
  • Recommend what needs to be saved or what amount to take out insurance to protect.
  • Research and recommend an investment plan to save the funds or the most effective insurance policy to cover you needs.
  • Review this on an annual basis to ensure that your family remains protected and that our plan is still suitable.

If you are self-employed or own shares in you business, you should consider how this can create a legacy for your family.