Investment Portfolio Management

When building an investment portfolio for a client we discuss their investment objectives and the important factors that will guide how they reach  their objectives.


Our team will bring all these factors together from our discussion with you and construct your investment portfolio through the following process:

  • We conduct in depth market and economic research on a regular basis.
  • Assess your investment goals and objectives.
  • Write and investment policy statement, focused on the client’s individual goals, based on the factors above.
  • We then construct the portfolio by researching the most appropriate investments to meet our client’s objectives.
  • Finally we review and manage this to ensure no undue risk is being taken in the portfolio.

Our Investment Team

It is important that we have a highly experienced investment team, with the expertise and resources to undertake the necessary global market research and to construct portfolios specific to each clients individual needs.

We believe that no one investment team has a monopoly on investment expertise so we work with a range investment houses with global  investment teams to research market conditions, and assist in building bespoke investment portfolios for our clients.

We meet with these investment houses on a regular basis to discuss market conditions and any changes which need to be made to our client’s portfolios.