At MTS Wealth we believe that there is a financial life cycle that all individuals will go through in their lifetime. This begins with getting their first job and forming a family, lasting through their working life and preparing for retirement and finishing with deciding how to pass their wealth on to the following generations.

Below we have provided some detail on what the main needs will be at each stage of the lifecycle, and this can be viewed by clicking on the title of each stage. Each stage is accompanied by case study which illustrates the benefit of advice at each stage of the process.


Young Family

protectHow can I make the most of my savings for my family's future?

  • Saving Spare Income/Capital - To move house, to buy a holiday home or save for the children's future.
  • Pension Start Up (Saving Spare Income).
  • Family Protection - Protection against parents/earners death or disability.
  • Business Start Up - Coordinating with personal financial planning - Income Planning, Tax Efficient Protection Needs, Coordinating Personal/Corporate Financial Planning with Accountant.

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Preparing for Retirement

preparing-retirementPrepare for a Comfortable and Enjoyable Retirement

  • Kids are grown up and financially independent (hopefully), and the mortgage is paid off.
  • Your earnings are at their peak and you will need to plan how to manage this carefully.
  • When do you want to retire and how much income do you require to maintain your standard of living?
  • What spare income can we commit to optimise pension and investment saving?
  • A Strategic Wealth Plan is created to meet retirement goals. How much needs invested, what is the investment target?

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Choosing a Retirement Income

choosing-incomeLet's make sure you never run out of money and maintain your lifestyle in retirement.

  • Decision needs to be made on how best to produce income in retirement from savings.
  • What income do you need, do you have income from Business or property assets?
  • What's the most tax efficient income strategy?
  • What Pension Income Strategy is right for me?
  • Should we delay annuity purchase, use Drawdown to supplement income?

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Family Wealth Planning

family-wealthEnsure you gift your hard earned assets to your family not to the government.

  • Ongoing Review of income requirements ensuring that you maintain your standard of living.
  • Estate Planning - Reducing/Completely mitigating any potential IHT bill payable by your beneficiaries on your death.
  • Helping you support your children/grandchildren during your lifetime tax efficiently, and without diminishing your own standard of living.
  • Ongoing investment management of your portfolio's.
  • Preparing a Strategic Wealth Plan to consider all these issues together.

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Later Life Planning

later-lifeWho will look after your financial affairs in later life?

  • Do you have someone appointed with power of attorney for you affairs if/when you become incapacitated?
  • Would this person benefit from professional support and guidance?
  • How will you fund for long term care costs if you require added personal care costs?
  • How will you protect you assets from local government forced sales to fund care costs?