Similar to a business plan, our Strategic Wealth Plan will help you plan for the future.


Initial Consultation

We discuss your objectives and financial situation. We assess the areas in which you may need advice and provide you with a complete understanding of how our advice process works and how much it will cost.

Analysis and Plan Formulation

MTS assess your current investment and pension portfolios, your personal tax position and your objectives. We will formulate a financial strategy to manage your portfolios and other assets to ensure you achieve your goals and protect yourself against risk.

Bank Accounts Mortgages 
Investment Portfolio's Personal Loans 
Pension Policies Credit Cards 
Business Assets   
Land & Property   
Personal Assets   
Insurance Polices   
Total Assets Total Liabilities 

Above you can see how we assess our clients Net Worth as part of our analysis:

Strategic Wealth Plan Presentation

MTS will present you with our analysis of your current situation and any changes that are required.  We will outline a plan of actions to undertake now and in the future to achieve your financial objectives over the long term. This will include:

Below you can see how this couple will run out of money at 83 based on their saving plans for retirement and the expenditure.

Strategy Implementation

As part of MTS's analysis and recommendations we will research from the whole of the market the best investment solutions for your needs. We will then implement your strategy taking care of all paper work saving you time and stress.

Ongoing Management and Adjustment

MTS will meet with you annually to review the performance of your portfolios and how your situation has changed. We will then adjust your plan to meet your changing circumstances, and implement any required changes to ensure you remain on track to meet your goals.